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April 10-17, 2016

April 10, 2016



Pray for the Sick / Ruega por Los Enfermos


  • Msgr. Seth Hermoso,
  • Tino Herrera,
  • Willie Mendoza,
  • Ida Novales,
  • Virginia Lundy,
  • Henry Lundy,
  • Teresa Huerta,
  • Valerie Walsh,
  • Mike Walsh
  • and all those in nursing homes and hospitals. 


(Please call the office to keep a name on this list for more than three weeks)

Please Pray for our Men and Women in the Military

  • Andrew De Haro,
  • Berenice Garcia,
  • Eric Granados,
  • Duane Edward Jackson,
  • Fernando Jamandre,
  •  Rafael Jamandre,
  • Jennifer Konvicka,
  • Mark Konvicka, Jr.,
  • Michael Martinez,
  • Rory McBride,
  • Francisco Javier Mills,
  • Edgar Ramirez,
  • Karina Rosales,
  • Pedro Rosas,
  • Garett Smith,
  • Oscar Orlando Gomez Villatoro,
  • their families & loved ones
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Altar Flowers for the week of

April 10

were donated by

Carmen Perez 

in thanksgiving to

St. Peregrine

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Sanctuary Lights, Hosts and Wine for the week of 

April 10

were donated by

Carmen Perez 

in thanksgiving to

St. Peregrine

Stewardship of Prayer and Reflection


Saint Jerome suggests the "one hundred fifty-three fish", safe in a net not torn while Peter held it, represent all known species, signifying the Church's unity in diversity secure in the hands of Peter and his successors. Peter's successor today, Pope Francis, calls God's mercy the beating heart of the gospel. May we therefore imitate Jesus, who invited not only the disciples, but everyone without exception, to feast at his table of unity and peace—especially in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

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San Jerónimo sugiere que los “ciento cincuenta y tres” pescados”, representando todas las especies, seguros en una red que no se rompía y sostenida por Pedro, significa la unidad de la Iglesia en su diversidad, segura en las manos de Pedro y sus sucesores. El actual sucesor de Pedro, el Papa Francisco, dice que la misericordia es el corazón palpitante del Evangelio. Imitemos a Jesús, que invitó no sólo a los discípulos, sino a todos sin excepción al banquete de su mesa de la unidad y de la paz, sobre todo en este Año Jubilar de la Misericordia. 

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As the Jubilee Year of Mercy begins, what twists and turns do I need to let God untangle in my life? What rough edges smooth out? What mountainous of pride bring low? What valleys of indifference and neglect fill with mercy for others

      

Al comenzar el Año Jubilar de la Misericordia, ¿qué madejas en mi vida debo dejar que Dios desenrede? ¿Qué asperezas? ¿Cuánto orgullo descomunal debe rebajar? ¿Qué valles de indiferencia y abandono debe llenar para que yo tenga misericordia para con los demás? 

“Passing through the Holy Door, let us put our trust in God's grace, which can change our lives.” 

~Pope Francis 

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