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Houston, Texas

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Dec 10-17, 2017

Second Sunday of Advent — Segundo Domingo de Adviento 


Pray for the Sick / Ruega por Los Enfermos

Msgr. Seth HermosoTino Herrera
Willie MendozaIda Novales
Virginia LundyMike Walsh
James WalshEdmunda Urbina
Carol YorkEddy Johnston
Jannie Gonzalez ChavezBrando Loston
Maritone PascoElsie Olay
Warlita Olay Opinaldo 

And all those in nursing Homes and Hospitals

(Please call the office to keep a name on this list for more than three weeks)

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Sanctuary Lights, Hosts and Wine

for December 10th were donated by  Flor Ortiz

in memory of

Most Rev. Sofio Balce


Stewardship of Prayer and Reflection    

          In order to prepare people for the coming of Jesus, John the Baptist invited them to repent and be forgiven. The water of the Jordan River symbolized the cleansing of sin that baptism brought to the believer. It also symbolized the renewal of life after being parched in the desert, as John was, as Isaiah was, as the people in exile were, as we still can be today.

    A fin de preparar a las personas para la venida de Jesús, Juan el Bautista las invita a arrepentirse y a recibir el perdón. Las aguas del rio Jordán simbolizaban la limpieza del pecado que el bautismo le daba al creyente. También simbolizaban una vida renovada después de atravesar la sequía del desierto, tal como sucedió con Juan, con Isaías, con el pueblo exilado y aún con nosotros hoy. 

DSF 2017 Update

as of December 4, 2017

"Go and Make Disciples” 

“Vayan y formen díscipulos"

Our Goal$68,000.00
Paid Under($28,582.29)
%58% of Goal
Participants311 out of 957 families


Quote for the Week...

“When we encounter others, do we bring them the warmth of charity or do we stay closed up and warm only ourselves before our fireplace?”

~Pope Francis 

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