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Houston, Texas

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March 19-26, 2017

Third Sunday of Lent - Tercer Domingo de Cuaresma


Pray for the Sick / Ruega por Los Enfermos

Msgr. Seth HermosoTino Herrera
Willie MendozaIda Novales
Virginia LundyMike Walsh
James WalshAlice Wagner
Eddy JohnsonRobert Velasquez
Brian SotoNubia Mayorga
Rebecca Lee 

And all those in nursing Homes and Hospitals

(Please call the office to keep a name on this list for more than three weeks)

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Sanctuary Lights, Hosts and Wine

for the week of March 19

were donated in thanksgiving for the 

Birthdays of

Gloria Espartero and

Kristy Espartero

Stewardship of Prayer and Reflection

   As Moses struck the rock with his staff, may Jesus’ cross—abiding instrument of God’s unconditional mercy—strike our hardened hearts, unsealing Paul’s celebrated Flood of God’s love “poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.” We sinners are thus made channels of faith’s living water for other thirsty souls, no matter how “outside the Law” they may seem.

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Así como Moisés golpeó la peña con su cayado, que la cruz de Jesús - el instrumento perdurable de la misericordia incondicional de Dios—golpee nuestro corazón endurecido infundiendo “su amor en nuestros corazones por medio del Espíritu Santo”, como bien lo pondera Pablo. Así, aun nosotros pecadores, nos convertiremos en conductos del agua viva para otras almas sedientas, sin importar cuán “fuera de la ley” esas almas parezcan estar. 



How will I share with one other person my discovery of Christ as “Savior of the world”? 


      


¿Cómo pudiera compartir con alguna otra persona mi propio descubrimiento de Cristo como “el Salvador del mundo”? 

Quote for the Week...

“Lent urgently calls us to conversion. We are called to return to God with all our heart.”

~Pope Francis 


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