St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Houston, Texas

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May 17-24, 2015


Pray for the Sick / Ruega por Los Enfermos

  • Msgr. Seth Hermoso, 
  • Valerie Walsh, 
  • Eddy Johnston, 
  • Tino Herrera, 
  • Juanito Peralta, 
  • Willie Mendoza, 
  • Romy Pagne, 
  • Ida Novales, 
  • Tommy Morgan, 
  • Virginia Lundy, 
  • Julie Krajca, 
  • Virginia Krusleski, 
  • Ron Plum, 
  • Avelina Fernandez, 
  • Connie Fernandez, 
  • Santos Fernandez, Jr., 
  • Paul Robertson 
  • Lolita Roman, 
  • Arturo Roman, 
  • Jose Gonzalez
  • Ma. Josephine Arriage
  • Bonnie Booney
  • Rebecca Dominguez
  • and all those in nursing homes and hospitals. 
(Please call the office to keep a name on this list for more than three weeks)

Please Pray for our Men and Women in the Military

  • Andrew De Haro,
  • Berenice Garcia,
  • Eric Granados,
  • Duane Edward Jackson,
  • Fernando Jamandre,
  •  Rafael Jamandre,
  • Jennifer Konvicka,
  • Mark Konvicka, Jr.,
  • Michael Martinez,
  • Rory McBride,
  • Francisco Javier Mills,
  • Edgar Ramirez,
  • Karina Rosales,
  • Pedro Rosas,
  • Garett Smith,
  • Oscar Orlando Gomez Villatoro,
  • their families & loved ones. 



Image result for host and wineSanctuary Lights, Host and Wine

for the week of May 17 were donated by 

German and Venus Landingin 

in thanksgiving for their 35th Wedding Anniversary

Stewardship of Prayer and Reflection


As the disciples spent the days between Ascension and Pentecost “gathered in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus,” what concrete form will my prayer take (time, place, format) during these same days?


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