St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Houston, Texas

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Nov 29-Dec 6, 2015

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“Beyond” youth group meeting

Inviting students in grades 9th through 12th! Join us at St. John Paul II Room and have fun and learn more about our Faith. 

Snacks always served!
Next Meeting: Wed., Dec 2, 6:30PM—8:30PM 

Image result for strake jesuitSTRAKE JESUIT OPEN HOUSE – December 3rd @ 7:00 PM

Based on over 450 years of Jesuit tradition, Strake Jesuit forms young men into intellectual, compassionate, spiritual and responsible Men for Others. Find out what makes Strake Jesuit more than just a school at our Open House on Thursday, December 3rd at 7:00 p.m. Take a guided tour of the school, meet members of the faculty, and learn more about the many academic, extracurricular, and spiritual activities available to Strake Jesuit students. 


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Our Jesse Tree will be in the entrance of the Church beginning this weekend November 28 & 29. (Jesse is the father of King David and ancestor of Jesus Christ. Read Isaiah 11:1). The line of Jesse gave humankind the Greatest Gift – Jesus. The cards on our Jesse Tree represent our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need this Christmas.

Please take a gift card or two on the tree, return the requested (wrapped) gifts and place under the tree no later than the Third Sunday of Advent, December 13, 2015. Giving is a reflection of our love for each other, which, in turn, is a reflection of Jesus’ love for us. Thank you for sharing Christ’s love.


Nuestro Árbol de Jesé estará en la entrada de la Iglesia comenzando este fin de semana 28 y 29 de Noviembre. (Jesé era el padre del Rey David y antepasado de Jesucristo). De la línea de Jesé la humanidad recibió el mayor regalo – Jesús. Las tarjetas en nuestro Árbol de Jesé representan nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Cristo que necesitan ayuda esta Navidad.

Favor de tomar las tarjetas y pongan los regalos envueltos debajo del árbol nos mas tarde del Tercer Domingo de Adviento, 13 de Diciembre de 2015. Gracias por compartir el amor de Dios. 

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