St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Houston, Texas

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Oct 26-Nov 2, 2014




  • Msgr. Seth Hermoso,
  • Mike Walsh,
  • Valerie Walsh,
  • Carmen Garcia,
  • Carmel Johnston,
  • Eddy Johnston,
  • Robert Shepard,
  • Marcelino Aviles,
  • Ida Novales
  • Rose Guerea
  • Faustino Herrera,
  • Juanito Peralta,
  • Rodolfo Jasso,
  • Sylvia Sustaita,
  • Noemi Moran
  • and all those in nursing homes and hospitals.

(Please call the office to keep a name on this list for more than three weeks)


Please Pray for our Men and Women in the Military

  • Andrew De Haro,
  • Berenice Garcia,
  • Eric Granados,
  • Duane Edward Jackson,
  • Fernando Jamandre,
  •  Rafael Jamandre,
  • Jennifer Konvicka,
  • Mark Konvicka, Jr.,
  • Michael Martinez,
  • Rory McBride,
  • Francisco Javier Mills,
  • Edgar Ramirez,
  • Karina Rosales,
  • Pedro Rosas,
  • Garett Smith,
  • Oscar Orlando Gomez Villatoro,
  • their families & loved ones. 



Stewardship of Prayer and Reflection

“Be careful what god you worship,” warns an ancient proverb, “for you will come to look like him.” We have “turned to God from idols,” Paul asserts, and Exodus describes what that looks like: “You shall not oppress an alien, for you were once aliens yourselves... If you take your neighbor’s cloak as pledge, you shall return it before sunset.” Even the coat that doubles as my neighbor’s sleeping bag is subject to the Great Commandment. What an eye for detail God has when the little and lowly are at stake!

Un antiguo proverbio anglófono ofrece la siguiente advertencia: “Cuidado con el dios que adoras, pues vas a llegar a lucir como él”. “Abandonando a los ídolos, se convirtieron al Dios vivo y verdadero”, afirma Pablo, y Éxodo nos describe lo que quiere decir eso en la práctica: “No hagas sufrir ni oprimas al extranjero, porque ustedes fueron extranjeros... Si tomas en prenda el manto de tu prójimo, devuélveselo antes de que se ponga el sol”. Hasta el manto cobertor, que también le sirve a mi prójimo de saco de dormir, está sujeto al Gran Mandamiento. ¡Qué ojo tiene Dios para los detalles cuando los pequeños y humildes están en riesgo! 




Sanctuary Lights, Hosts and Wine for the week of

October 19

were donated by
Dr. Blandina C. Sison

in Thanksgiving for Family & Clinic 





Altar Flowers For the week of

October 26

were donated in thanksgiving of the 27th Wedding Anniversary of

Cheryl & Erick Lafleur 



 Update on DSF 10/14/2014

Our Goal: $66,000.00

Pledged: $  56,851.75

 Paid: $48,608.40

74% of Goal

Participants: 316


Priesthood Sunday, October 26, 2014, is a special day set to honor Priesthood in the United States. It is a call for parishioners to honor Christ as Priest and the men who were called to be his priests here on earth.

It is also a day to honor all religious and to focus on the importance of vocations. Please join, on this special day, in praying for our priests, in praising God for their courage and their generosity and in expressing your appreciation in your own special way. 


Father Ron Mrozinski will be visiting our parish next weekend to speak at all the Masses on behalf of the Cross Catholic Outreach which was founded to create a meaningful link between parishes in America and the priests and nuns working in the Church overseas in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central and South America


El Padre Ron Mrozinski visitará nuestra parroquia esta fin de semana para hablar en todas las misas en nombre del alcance de la Cruz Católica que fue fundada para crear un vinculo significativo entre las parroquia en America, los sacerdotes y monjas que trabajan en las iglesias del otro lado de los océanos, en el Caribe, África, Asia, Centro u Sudamérica. 

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